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Plato, aristotle

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My teacher has presented me 7 questions, i need a small paragraph for each question answered:

1. What is the structure of the human soul from from plato, give an example such as temperament, wisdom?

2. Socrates states that nobody does evil voluntarily?

3. Socrates states why wisdom is the highest virtue?

4. plato states what is justice?

5. why to be moral from plato and aristotle?

6. aristotle states what is the highest god?

7. what does responsibilities mean in philosophy or from aristotles point of view?

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I've outlined the main ideas or questions that you'd want to consider
in crafting your paragraphs - some of these are more substantive than others, but each you point you in the right direction.

1. Consider the description of the just soul from Book 4 of the Republic, where Socrates tells us that it has the same basic structure (and the same component parts) as that of the city - which is, as we know, tripartite (three parts - ruled by rational rulers, guarded by spirited guardians, and balanced out at the bottom by appetitive producers/workers. Their characteristics, obviously, are reason, spirit and appetite, respectively) And remember as well that the cardinal virtues - wisdom, courage, moderation/temperance and justice - can be found in the city as corresponding to each or all of these parts (wisdom to the ruling class, courage to the warrior/guardian class, and moderation extending throughout as the harmony/order between these groups, with justice left over as each part 'minds its own business' - each part doing it's proper job and thereby creating a harmonious whole. Note here ...

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