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    Texaco Discrimination Case: Key Facts & Symptoms of Problems

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    From the Student:

    Dear OTA,
    I am working on a case study on Texaco Discrimination Case. I would like some help on two points. 1. Determine all the facts: 2. symptoms of problems. I am writing 2800 words on many sections can you just help with the question above (about 250-300 words per question) Attached is a copy of information I am researching. Can you assist in answering the two question? Thanks

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    Dear Student,
    Hello. As per your request I am providing you with the solution below. Since this is a case review, it is important to put the decision in context not only from a legal point of view but according to the socio-political & economic circumstances at the time that could have influenced TEXACO and the courts to have ended up with such a decision and settlement package. The passages below are based on the materials you have attached. I am presuming that you will be looking at the angles and debates provided in the attachment; therefore I decided to make the concise solution below follow in this vein. While it is usual to 'name' important persons related to the case, due to your word count limit, I have made general references, omitting them entirely as I am going to assume you will be 'naming' said persons in the body of your case review. Thank you for using Brainmass. Good luck!

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    TEXACO Racial Discrimination Case Review

    Facts of the Case:

    Initially started as a racially-based complaint in terms of unequal pay and opportunity by 6 black ...

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    The solution is a 537-word review of the Texaco Discrimination Case presenting key facts of the case and symptoms of judgment/issues with the results of the case that made the case subject to criticism written to help a particular student complete a more complex and lengthy review of the case. The solution has a word version attached for easy printing.