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    Rene Descartes: Truth, Reality and Inquiry

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    After reading the discourses, what do you think so far about Descartes' project? Do you think it is possible? Why? Why not? Use examples from the reading to support your claims.

    I have attached the reading material. Thank you!

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    Dear Student,
    With the attachment missing, I made an assumption - that the Descartes Project you are seeking assistance for is, Descartes Project of Pure Inquiry following his work as set out in 'Meditations'. I hope this solution helps. Please feel free to send a message should you require additional assistance.

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    Descartes' Project

    Rene Descartes was an Enlightenment philosopher whose work continues to be studied heavily influencing modern philosophy. The Academics dub Rene Descartes (1596-1650) as the "Father of Modern Philosophy". In his Project on Inquiry was aimed at uncovering fundamental set of principles where truth can be established without doubt. This work became the first guiding philosophy of the sciences in a period where truth established by faith was being questioned by thinkers who believed truth should be established by reason. Via his 'Meditations' which also became the title of one of his most established works, he set to explore doubt, cognition and truth. He did this not only by exploring metaphysics, reason and cognition, his projects also utilised mathematical proofs which became the foundation for Algebra and the equations utilised by Newton & Leibniz, establishing ...

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    The solution is a comprehensive 733-word essay on the work of Rene Descartes on truth, logic, knowledge and reality known as 'Pure Inquiry' and 'Meditations'. The solution discusses vital components and elements of his work providing a narrative that explains as well as provides and analysis of the validity of Descartes' positions. References are listed for further expansion. A word version is attached for easy printing.