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    Descartes and Eva Cole

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    As I learn more about the mind/brain connection, I am wondering what experts would think about how you think Rene Descartes would view this mind/brain research? How would feminist Eve Cole?
    I'm curious about these 2 because of the differences so it would be great if you had an understanding about the 2 of them to help me.

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    As discussed in a prior post, Descartes introduces himself mainly through a discussion of what it means to be "aware." He argues that to be mentally aware is the single greatest irreducible truth, and that therefore identity lay primarily in the existence of an incorporeal (immaterial) mind. Physicalists have had concerns about this for some time, and seem to have amassed huge amounts of evidence in the fact that no source for ...

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    Cartesian philosophy is addressed in brief, regarding questions of the scientific inquiries and findings regarding a "connection," and feminist Eva Cole's work is applied to such Cartesian methods of thought.