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Cognitive Psychology: Viewpoints of Reality

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Rationalist, empiricist, scholastic, and associationism are some of the major roots of modern cognitive psychology being seen as the development of models of the mind.

1) Briefly discuss rationalist, empiricist, scholastic, and associationist models of cognitive psychology as well as it attributive philosophers.
2) In comparison how are these four model alike (rationalist, empiricist, scholastic, and associationist)?
3) In contrast, how are these four models (rationalist, empiricist, scholastic, and associationist) different?

Min. of one scholarly source to support your findings. Cite with APA format.

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Rationalism is the psychological viewpoint of reality, or a theoretical perspective that intellectual reasoning is the best method by which to ascertain truth, and it's major attributive philosophers included Plato and Rene Descartes. This model or philosophy is similar to the other models due to the fact that they all seek to ascertain how reality or truth is defined. This model differs from the other models due to the fact that this model focuses upon an individual's rational thinking ability to ascertain a true definition of reality. Empiricism is ...

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The solution discusses viewpoints of reality in cognitive psychology.