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    Wyeth Pharmaceuticals: applying technology

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    Investigate the current technology used in Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. How is technology utilised?

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    Wyeth Pharmaceuticals: Overview

    Brothers & Pharmacists Jphn & Fran Wyeth established a small drugstore & research lab in 1860 to service their local community in Philadelpia. The effectiveness of their products & their availability had medical professionals flocking to the brothers for supplies and urged them to establish a mass production for large quantities of medicines for common illnesses, among them cough, headaches & stomach troubles. They then proceeded to supply the US army with medicines & beef extract &, with the technology developed by Wyeth employer Henry Bowen in 1872, the rotary compressor, mass production of wyeth Medicine tablets became precise & fast, introducing a revolution of sorts in the burgeoning pharmaceutical industry. Following Wyeth's awards from the 1883 Centennial Fair, the then young pharmaceutical company decided to expand production into Montreal,Canada, to cut costs & introduce their products into the Canada market. When the 1900 arrived, the Wyeth brothers closed up the store retail to concentrate on masproduction - their products produced from their factories in Philadelpia & Montreal were in demand & mass marketed across the US & Canada & following their patenting & purchasing of known brands. They centralized & expanded to varied divisions & produced household products like toothpaste for which one of their brands, Kolynos was most known. When Stuart Wyeth inherited control of the company in 1929 from his dad John, the company established their first corporate HQ in Manhattan, the Whitehall building & global sales reached Europe & Asia. When WW2 happened, Wyeth was on the frontline, supplying the US army once more withsulfa bacteriostatics, blood plasma, typhus vaccine, quinine, and atabrine while their brand recognition soared abroad & at home. Anacin, the tension headache tablet became a household brand and soon. This was ushered by the entrance of CPA Alvin Brush who became Wyeth'S CEO in 1935 for 37 years. When Stuart Wyeth died leaving controlling interest of the pharmaceutical company to Harvard University, his alma mater, this ensured the research & development on the product side would always be on the cutting edge while marketing, sales & management sciences were applied to run Wyeth's interests as well including human resource management. Brush acquired 34 new companies for Wyeth, all developing products for the pharmaceutical industry & for home & healthcare. Among its many acquisitions was G. Washington Coffee Refining Company, the coffee company founded by Pres. George Washington. Also, Wyeth acquired the Fort Dodge Serum Company. Wyeth's military ventures were of a serious scale as the company heavily invested in reasrch facilities & people to develop a product. For example, the 1944 US Army request for advanced penicillin resulted to Wyeth's creation of a dedicated Penicillin research laboratory. The following are the Pharmacetucial ...

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    The solution discusses & provides an analysis on the Current Technology used at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. The solution provides a concise overview of the firm presenting its history & growth and the technologies adopted to foster that growth. Then it expands on the current technologies available to present a concise picture of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals as a leading provider of drugs & medicine to the world today.