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    Weyth, Drug Manufacturer

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    Who is the competition?
    What is the company's strategy?
    How do analysists feel about the company?
    How has the company performed over the past year? earing? sales?
    How has the stock performed over the past year?
    Why do u think the company is undervalue or overvalued?
    What do u think you recognize that market does not?

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    Analysis - Weyth, Drug Manufacturer

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    Who is the competition?
    The competitors of Wyeth include the makers of other pharmaceutical products and home products. For example conjugated estrogen maker Duramed is a competitor. So is Remfemin maker Schaper & Brummer. Similarly lorazepam makers are also the competitors of Wyeth. For example Mylan Laboratories is a competitor. If we consider competitors of the multivitamin brand Centrium we have several brands like vitalert vitamins, Multivitamin tablets and makers of Levity plus.
    In the broader sense it is all pharmaceutical, veterinary product makers and home product makers that are competitors of Wyeth.

    What is the company's strategy?
    The company has a two fold strategy. On one side the company has the strategy to acquire and merge with companies; on the other hand the company has the strategy to focus on pharmaceutical products.
    Consider the acquisition of the company. In 1996 the company acquired Lederle Laboratories and its parent company American Cyanamid. This strategy was instrumental in acquiring the Centrum brand. In 1995 the veterinary medicine division of Solvay was acquired by Wyeth. Later it tried a merger with Smithkline Beechan in 1998 but it was unsuccessful. In 1999 Wyeth tried a merger with Monsanto but again was unsuccessful. Finally, in 2000 the company tried to takeover Waner-Lambert but failed again.
    The strategy to focus on pharmaceuticals was declared in 2002 and the name of American Home Products was changed to Wyeth. In practice Wyeth ...

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