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Change at Pfizer: Jeff Kindler rhe Wyeth Acquisition

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Discuss the change at Pfizer that Jeff Kindler implemented with the acquisition of Wyeth. Topics should address: what are the issues of the case of the Wyeth Acquisition, cover the pros and cons of the acquisition of Wyeth, A current environmental scan of the company, and internal analysis, How is Pfizer positioned for the future. Common Financial Ratios for Pfizer after the Wyeth Acquisition such as ROE, ROI, Current Ratio, Profit Margin, High Turnover rate, stocks ratio, any important factors to invest or not invest in Pfizer currently.

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This solution discusses the change at Pfizer that Jeff Kindler implemented with the acquisition of Wyeth.

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Pfizer's acquisition of Wyeth
In January 2009, Pfizer announced acquisition of Wyeth which was valued at $68 billion. The acquisition was completed on October 15, 2009. The combined company created one of the most diversified companies in the global health care industry. The combined company had product offerings in numerous growing therapeutic areas, a strong product pipeline, leading scientific and manufacturing capabilities and a premier global player in the medical industry. Pfizer and Wyeth are complementary businesses and together they can become the best healthcare company in the industry. Together, both companies would be able to achieve much more than any of them would have achieved independently.
The pros of this acquisition are:
Broad and diversified portfolio: Through the acquisition, Pfizer would be able to offer a broad and diversified portfolio of biopharmaceutical innovations through different business units.
New research capabilities: The new combination opens a new pipeline of biopharmaceutical research including programs in diabetes, inflammation, oncology and pain as well as significant opportunities in Wyeth's Alzheimer's disease pipeline.
Enhanced ability to innovate: The new company would have focused business units each tailored to different patient requirements. Each business unit would be responsible to drive product development from clinical trials to commercialization. This approach would allow for rapid decision making and more efficient use of resources which would enhance company's ability to invest in long term opportunities.
Improved manufacturing capabilities: Wyeth has largest integrated biotechnology manufacturing facility in ...

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