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Discussion: management vs. leadership

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1. What is the essential difference between management vs. leadership?

2. What different communication styles do managers and leaders use?

3. How do the communication strategies used by managers and leaders differ? What is the story you are putting out?

4. Describe the formal and informal communication networks in your workplace that are used by your managers and leaders. Which are dominant? Which are ineffective? Why or why not?

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This solution compares, contrasts & discusses the concept of management & leadership. In particular, it looks at the varied methods employed by managers & leaders in their manner of communication, the strategies they employ, the goals they strive for (especially the strategies they use in reaching for said goals) and the manner by which they lead & manage informal & formal work environments & communication networks. Through this, an analysis of the effectivity of leadership & management is provided with their specialization & the need for either or both are placed in context. Examples are provided in the discussion for easy referencing. The solution is provided as a word file attachment.

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