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    Management Functions: Technology, Dynamics & Value Chain

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    1. Are there areas that you have identified that are not beneficial to management functions, or to organizational abilities, that are nevertheless driven by technology? If so, what are they, and how will you address these dynamics in the organization?

    2. How can technology support a manager in making employees a vital element of the value chain?

    3. What are the trends in use of technology for global business success?

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    Intranet/Internet Gateways

    Firms are now quite dependent on their intranet & communication systems. Almost each employee has a computer terminal as much of the corporate function, from organizing, planning, leading & controlling almost always involves a form of automation that requires the use of computers. A manager sends emails to his subordinates via the intranet/internet connectivity of his computer and his people receive his email and act on them using other functions associated with computer automation. For example, a manager sends an email to his staff to create a digital prototype of a car - that requires computer expertise & hardware. A manager could ask his secretary to send out emails & invites for a company event - the secretary then trawls through the net to look for suppliers for invites, for event managers and for caterers. Similarly, an accountant can get an email to work on a set of numbers which he must input on Excel to make the file readable when emailed back to the Manager. Information flowing from computers get stored in a server while that, if not secure can be stolen by those seeking to damage or use it against the firm. In most offices, internet access is only a click away - there are times that employees get so distracted that they surf the net incessantly more than they work, some get addicted to online ...

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