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    Complete Proof

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    Hello Brainmass OTA! I need help working this proof:

    (H>B)&-((RvS)vT),(E&F)vH,(Sv-S).-(D.E) / -(D.-B)&H

    I need a Proof built. Thank you!

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    This was a tricky proof! It took me 33 lines, so, if your professor says he can do it in 19 lines, he must have a more elegant strategy than I found. I made a truth table first to verify that the argument was valid; since the truth table told me the argument was valid, I knew I should be able to work out a proof. I started out by working forward (from the premises that were given) and simplifying ...

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    The expert explains some strategies for constructing logical proofs. Provides an example of a (rather long) complete proof.