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    Communication Roles in Management

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    Xenia, I need your help with the following:

    Within the context of these communication roles, explain what a manager can do to improve his or her organization's effectiveness in a cross-cultural and diverse environment.


    2.Cross-functional Team leader

    3.Conflict mediator

    4.Concept illustrator

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    A Cross-cultural World

    Globalization is not just a buzz word that economists, journalists & governments use to describe the interconnected world we live in. Since the Age of Exploration & Discovery, migration of people for economic, social & political reasons, etc. has reached fever pitch in this day & age when transportation & communication & a decolonized world created mixed gene pools especially in metropolises like New York, Bangkok, Hongkong, London and Los Angeles. Each major city in the West has its own version of Chinatown, Little Tokyo or Little India; each major city in the Far East, Africa, and Russia, in Latin America or the Middle East has its own set of Western expatriates working with multinationals, NGOs or those who have ventured into creating businesses of their own there. Ethnicity within a particular metropolitan city's population is now more intense than in the previous decades with economic migration a regular occurrence. The Philippines for example has exported some 7 million Overseas Filipino workers with a major concentration in the US, Hongkong & the Middle East some of the worker migrants taking up citizenship & residency in their host nations while some take on contract work that lasts for years before returning home. The economic boom in Dubai is supported labour-wise in bulk by Indian & Chinese labourers with Dubai admitting that without the influx of some couple million foreign labourers, the continued development of Dubai cannot be supported by the local populace. The US & the UK receive an influx of medical workers each year especially in the nursing sector. Nations have now faced the reality of economic migration as part of globalization just as multinationals sprout all over the world. Japanese-owned Toyota has now become the world's biggest selling carmaker even domestically in the US. On the other hand, English has now become the official lingua franca worldwide in business & in transactions between governments, entities & individuals. Local cuisine is now not limited by geography - Americans, whatever ethnicity they might have are all familiar with stir-fried noodles, sushi & burritos, as much as they are with pecan pies & spaghetti. America, an intensely diverse populace when it comes to ethnicity is now a concentrated intercultural nation & it reflects in the way it manages its affairs from governance to business.

    Coaching an intercultural Office

    Miami is that quintessential American city in the sun. Federal ...

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