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    Ethics in Management

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    Please help. This class is in Ethics in Management.I need to answer the following questions in this class. I have some idea but I am not sure how to go about them. The questions are the following:

    1.Three lectures have emphasized three different theories of ethics. Briefly, with which are you most comfortable and why? (I'm most comfortable with The Ethical Theory of Contextualism. Please explain why you would be comfortable with Contexualism.)

    2.A major car manufacturer has decided to shut down one of its plants in a small town with almost no warning. Argue in Kantian terms how at least one of the stakeholders should be treated.

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    Dear Student,
    Prior to discussing contextualism & Kantianism, including discussing a Kantian approach to the situation you presented, I decided to create a discussion for you that puts into perspective the ethical system of deontology & how it relates to other normative ethical viewpoints to give you a clearer or pictureof the ideas and concepts behind ethical systems. I have also created a situational explanation of Contextualism to further explain the idea in a simpler situation so that the contextual outlook I presented in the 'car manufacturer shutdown' would be clearer. The word version is attached. Good Luck!

    OTA 105878

    On Normative Ethics: Deontology & Teleology

    There are 3 major normative ethical systems that helps people answering questions like ,"What makes an act right or wrong?" and several particular viewpoints that are based upon them. Sociology debates that the answer to such an inquiry is situated rooted in the culture that answers the question influenced deeply by their traditions, beliefs, mores, and social systems. Ethics is a branch of Philosophy academically speaking but offers particular social perspectives to the way social scientists make sense of what society considers deviant, tolerable, deplorable or acceptable. The Ethical systems measure and quantify acceptability and while there are 3 normative systems that could be applied, the first two, Deontological & Teleological Ethical systems are employed as viewpoints in criminology being that they are 'deontic', that is - action based. Both Deontological & Teleological Ethical systems take into account the consequences of the action & the moral judgement is based upon it. Deontology though focuses on the validity of the action ascertaining whether the action itself is right or wrong with that focus weighing more than the resulting consequences. Teleology focuses on the consequences weighing the validity of the action & the reasons behind it less than the consequences that resulted from it. Hence Teleology is also referred to as consequentialist ethics. For instance, if one views the 'War on Terror' from a Deontological ...

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    The solution is an extensive discussion of the concepts of ethical theories discussing the normatives ethical theories of deontoly & teleogy as well as the Kantian-coined contextualist ethical perspective also known as Kantianism. It is written in APA format and is written to guide the student in gaining a comprehensive understanding of these concepts. Additionally, the solution also tackles the questions presented by the student, providing a comprehensive narrative to help the student in answering the questions in the original posting (see problem). The solution is written in APA format & is referenced for easy expansion. It is also attached as a wordfile for easy printing.