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    Mechanisms to prevent violations of ethics in a company

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    Based on research, what internal mechanisms should a company establish and enforce to prohibit ethical and sometimes legal violations?

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    Let us look at a definition of ethics. Ethics refers to distinguishing between conduct that is morally good or morally bad. It is not always in the domain of the law, meaning that unethical actions may or may not be illegal. However, since morality differs amongst individuals, and therefore personal ethics differ, it is important for companies to establish an ethical standard to guide the behavior of all employees. There are a number of mechanisms that can be used to establish and enforce ethical standards in firms.

    1. Code of Ethics - a code of ethics is a written set of guidelines and rules that a company establishes, publishes, and makes available to all employed. These guidelines detail actions ...

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    This solution provides clear guidelines about how firms can prevent unethical behavior and enforce ethical guidelines in their practice.