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North American History

The progressive movement (1901-17) was a response to political and big business abuses at the turn of the twentieth century. When America was industrialized rapidly, there arose political as well big business abuses. A host of reformers government and individuals came forward to reform the society. Jane Adams was great social reformer who founded the settlement house movement known as the Hull House. Margaret Sanger educated the urban poor regarding birth control and family planning. Booker T. Washington tried to develop the skills of the African Americans by giving them education. W.E Dubois, encouragaed the African Americans to study liberal arts. Muckrakers fought against corruption and abuses of the political tycoons. City Reforms: Progressives tried to prevent the urban corruption and it resulted in the reorganization of the local governments State Reforms The reforms of the states were encouraged by governors and Populist Party. Federal Reforms: Federal government passed a series of legislations connected with the environment, past laws, health and tried to reform the capitalist society. Amendments: Series of landmark amendments were passed during the progressive era. These were 16th, 17th, 18th and 19 amendments. Temperance and Women suffrage movements were of utmost importance during this period. Failures of Progressive movement: Inspite of all the above reforms, the progressive era was a dark period in the history of African Americans. There committed atrocities against the black community in the south. Progressives did not address the problems of the blacks in America. Disfranchisement and segregation were some of the notable events of the period. Finally, the progressives had no common goals to solve the ills of the society.

The progressive movement (1901-17) was a response to political and big business abuses at the turn of the twentieth century. People in different walks of life participated in the reform process and tried to reform the capitalistic society. The American civil war (1861-65) had made United States one of the greatest industrial

Bill of rights and amendments table problems

Please help with the following problem. Later Amendments Focus Date Implemented Impact on Society Visibility/Current Impact on You Amendment XIII Amendment XIV Amendment XV Amendment XVI Amendment XVII Amendment XVIII

This section describes what are the divided powers given by the constitution and how it is related with Federal and state governments. It also describes the limitations on the power of the states.

Concurrent Powers: Concurrent powers are the powers which are shared by both Federal and state governments. Examples are power to tax, maintain courts and borrow money Delegated Powers: Delegated powers are the powers which are given specifically to Federal governments. These powers were also known as enumerated powers. Ex

Influences on the Constitution: Table/Chart

Influences on the Constitution Table Directions: Use the textbook, Electronic Reserve Readings, and outside sources to complete the following chart. Analyze each item in terms of its influences on the Constitution. Documents (Summarize what this is. Why is it Notable?) Magna Carta Mayflower Compact Articles of

American History since 1877 - Era of Reconstruction

To what extent did the Era of Reconstruction create a New South? What impact did the Agrarian Revolt have on American politics at the end of the 19th century? What are some of the high points and low points of the 1920s? What role did the United States play in World War I? What caused the United States to shift from iso

Capitalist Order

Describe the ways in which socialists and others challenged the capitalist order.

New Deal aspects are noted.

Which of President Roosevelt's early New Deal programs to aid in the country's recovery from the Great Depression illustrate his willingness to experiment with bold, innovative ideas? Which of his actions show his hesitation and connection to traditional values?

Effects of WWI on the US economy are cited.

How did the war adversely affect the U.S. economy? What were some of the repercussions of this adverse affect? Could the economic downturn have been prevented? Why or why not?

Book Review: 'A Feeling of Belonging' by Shirley Jennifer Lim

History, U.S. History since 1877 - Year 3 A book review on A Feeling of Belonging by Shirley Jennifer Lim. The review must 1. Identify and evaluate the argument of the book. What, exactly is the author arguing in this text? How well does she support the argument, and with what types of evidence? Is the argument ultimat

Slavery affects prior to the Civil War

The institution of slavery in the United States affected the people living in the United States. What kind of affect did this institution have on the United States prior to the Civil War? How did it shape the peoples lives and culture.

Females in History

1. Central to the history of American women are changing conceptions of female sexuality, and women's shifting abilities to safely and readily access birth control. Conceptions of female sexuality, and the degree of control which women did (and did not) have over their reproductive lives, underwent significant changes between th

Linguistic Speech

Original Academic Problem Posted: My son has a Linguistic Speech to do on a member of society. The speech must include answers to 5 of the following questions. How could a person become a member of this class? What were their homes like? What did the people in this class do for fun? (recreational activities) What did the

The Jim Crow laws

What were the Jim Crow laws? In your opinion, do these laws still have an impact today? Why or why not?

The Supreme Court Justices

Do some biographical research on the current Supreme Court Justices. Select one for discussion. What is his/her background? why was he/she chosen for the Court, and by whom? how do they compare to the othere on any single set of constitutional issues?

1800-1850 Cultural Changes in America

What major cultural changes occurred in American life between 1800-1850, including the rise in popular religion, also what social forces led to each change.

Colonial American Period

I need to visit several historic sites from different periods and write a paper along with a presentation. I would like help with the site I intend on visiting for the Colonial period as 1) I don't know much about this period and 2) As a science major I have difficulty researching topics in history. I would like information o

Historical Industrialization Conceptions

How do our modern day conceptions of what a factory is or what industrialization is affect our interpretation of historical industrialization? Did the coming of factories represent progress? Is progress always necessarily positive?

Review of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

I need to complete a paper written using APA format book review on "Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee" I need the book to focus on a person, period or event of significance to America during the period of 1491-1865. That is why I chose this one. The review may provide background information about the content of the book, I need