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North American History

Joseph Stalin's life is summarized.

Of all the dictators during the time period we have been discussing, only Stalin would survive the war and end up living a relatively long life. His antagonists, Hitler and Mussolini, would end their lives in violent death. Mussolini would go first along with his mistress. Their beaten and mutilated corpses hung by their heels o

First Amendment: Is burning an American flag protected by the First Amendment?

Please provide assistance with the following questions: 1. Is burning an American flag protected by the First Amendment? Why or why not? Should there be a constitutional amendment banning this practice? 2. Is there a difference between government establishment of a religion and the freedom to worship? How has this issu

Patriotic Act

Summarize the civil rights of the American citizens as it relates to the Patriotic Act.

Ratification debates are included.

I explain the views of the Federalists versus those of the Anti-Federalists regarding ratification of the United States Constitution. I provide an in-depth analysis of the arguments of both sides and why the Federalists prevailed.

The Articles of Confederation and government

1. Why were Americans so afraid of a strong national government? In the wake of the war, and given that fear, how was the Articles of Confederation government constructed? How was it successful? In what ways did it fail? 2. How did the Bill of Rights help calm the fears of those who were reluctant to ratify the Constitution?

Discussion questions about the U.S. Constitution are noted.

I choose one of the cases below decided by the Marshall Court and identify the major issues in the case and why it was so important for both American society and law: a. Marbury v. Madison b. McCulloch v. Maryland c. Gibbons v. Ogden d. Baron v. Baltimore

New Deal Plans

Why were some of the "New Deal" plans found to be unconstitutional. Please elaborate. What executive power did Roosevelt attempt to abuse and why?

Three branches of government

How are the three branches of U.S. government supposed to interact? -Is the system successful? why or why not? Are the branches balanced in power why or why not? How was the conflict between supporters of a strong federal government and champions of states rights characterized then, as opposed to now? How could things

Study questions about WWI are included.

WWI has been called the war that ended the age of romanticism. In your opinion, how did America change as a result of the war? These areas are briefly covered.

Study questions about progressivism are included.

Help with the following questions is given: 1. How did early progressivism compare to modern activism in Civil Rights and social disobedience? 2. How did the Triangle Shirt Factory fire influence American domestic labor laws and regulations? What are modern examples of such excesses?

Civil Rights Movement: What are civil rights?

Many people think that the Civil Rights movement started with Martin Luther King, Jr. What are Civil Rights? How, in fact, have African Americans and other minorities been fighting for Civil Rights even before the Civil War started?

Study Question

Can you help with this study question. Thanks Why is the study of history meaningful? How is an understanding of history related to the health of a democracy

Could you help me with making the prediction as to how interpretation of the 5th Amendment might change in the future? I would like one reference source, and 400 to 420 words.

Using a minimum of four outside sources, prepare 1550-2050 word detailing their findings of an analysis of the 5th amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The paper is to provide a background history of the issues surrounding the Amendment, a synopsis of the evolution of the interpretation of the Amendment in various Supreme Court

Constitutional Amendament to allow prayer back into the schools

In order to get prayer back into schools, with the U.S. Constitutional Amendment, what steps and stages need to be taken? I know the first step is to persuade a representative or Senator to introduce the bill, which give me two options to make a proposal. Both the Senate and House of Representatives each must have at least two-

The Impact of the Invention of Cotton Gin

With the invention of the cotton gin, slavery became increasingly ingrained in the American south. How did slaves respond to this? Discuss their various methods to cope ranging from sabotage to outright rebellion. Do you think their actions affected the way that whites viewed slavery? This question is debated.

Expanding Nation

You helped me out so much on my last paper, so I wanted to use you again. I hope this is okay. I need your help to get started. Examine how the new nation was affected by continued growth and expansion. Cover the following issues: a. The significance that westward expansion had on U.S. economic growth. b. The impact imm

Milton Friedman:"Capitalism and Freedom"

I am trying to write a analytical response paper on Milton Friedman: "Capitalism and Freedom". I have already read it, but I still don't get the full meaning. Can you tell me? What does Milton Friedman mean?

Evolution of Colonial Governments in the New World

I need help getting started on this 4-5 page paper on the following topics listed for the evolution of the colonial governments. a. What were some of the similarities and differences among the colonial governments of the New World? b. What factors led the American colonies to declare their independence from Great Brit