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Native American-European Settlers Relationship: Canadian History

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Please help me with the following essay question. Its a 1000 word essay. Thank you so much.

Essay Question:
To what extent were native peoples capable of making informed decisions and rational choices when determining the nature of their connection with European society?

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The solution is an advise/guide in putting together an essay on the the native peoples of Canada and the dynamics of the relationship they established with the Europeans.

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This guide will be giving you some techniques and strategies for approaching your essay. I would recommend that you consider the questions I raise and do some simple drafting by writing out some simple responses (meaning your personal opinions based on your course materials). Rarely are humanities professors looking for "right" or "wrong" answers in questions like these, but valid and logical arguments that are supported by specific examples. Sometimes it is hard to know what you might feel about the question until you have some time to do draft writing.

The first step I would recommend is to take time to break down the question itself. The language used in essay questions is often an excellent indication of what is expected of you.

The key phrases in this question are "informed decisions," "rational choices," and "connection." Unless your professor or text has already given you clear definitions of these terms, you have the chance to frame your argument by the way you choose to define them.

Let's start with the first phrase: "informed decisions": What does it take to make an "informed decision?" Does it take clear study of a text, a verbal explanation from a trusted source, or something else? What sources of information did native people have? Could they trust all these sources? Where all the ...

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