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North American History

1896's election is overviewed.

Why is the election of 1896 considered one of the most important in the nation's history? The solution also includes references.

An outline about the selected amendment is included.

This job selects an amendment to the Constitution and writes up an outline about the selected amendment. Outlines should cover the historical setting the amendment was conceived in, the impact that it has had on society and on the individual team members, and any court cases that have helped clarify its meaning.

Civil Rights Movement

Garrow and Sitkoff 1. Who in their essays present two sympathetic but different theories, of the early days of the African American Civil Rights Movement. The beginning determined the future course; the early leaders took real risks and sometimes died for their beliefs; the Movement, changed American society in fundamental w


1. Describe and explain the system of checks and balances 2. Why is "gridlock" or "deadlock" a common aspect of the American political system? 3. What was the dilemma faced by the U.S. Supreme Court when deciding the case of Marbury v. Madison? 4. What is the process necessary for amending the Constitution?

1900s America is described.

How did industrialization, immigration, and imperialism affect America's perception of itself around the year 1900? Did this perception play a role in America's initial reluctance to enter WW I? What relevance can you draw for today's U.S. policies? Research is also listed.

Colonization and religion

I need to talk about Reformists and Seperatists. Assess the role of religion as a motivation for European colonization of the Americas and show how religion affected the course of colonization. Your essay must include reference to the rise of Protestantism and the interaction of religion and politics, and it must address the

Various themes associated with Thomas DeQuincey are noted.

Please help with the following problem. This posting examines "Literature of Knowledge and the Literature of Power" by Thomas deQuincey and defines each of these types: 1. Glorification of the common man 2. Antiquity or the supernatural 3. Change (mutabilty) 4. Concern with social issues

"Monkey Town" by Ronald Kidd (2006)

Book: Monkey Town by Ronald Kidd, 2006, Simon & Schuster Books for young readers. Based on the book, please help me with these questions: 1. Does the novel do a good job presenting the larger social context of the Scope's Trial? 2. Does Kidd paint a compelling picture of Dayton and the impact of the Scope's Trial?

Tennessee History

What three basic beliefs of the Democratic Party in Tennessee during the Antebellum period? How did Jackson's actions concerning the bank of the United States and improvements tot he National infrastructure reflect these views? Emphasis is to be on Tennessee history.

Tennessee History Economic Divisions

Throughout its history, Tennessee has been a moderate state, focusing on the Antebellum Period, including the political party system (describe the basic beliefs of each) in Tennessee, the geographical divisions (describe them), and economic divisions (describe them) explain why? Explain why Tennessean took so long to secede the

Tennessee History in the American Revolution

Describe the role of the Tennessee frontier in the American Revolution. Consider the causes the typical westerner fought for and contrast their causes with the motivations and actions of the Tennessee Indians. Be sure to support this answer with examples.


This job offers insights about International terrorists.

Worst Problems in United States

List and discuss the 20 of the 'worst' problems in the United States today. Please provide a detailed discussion. Thank you.