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North American History

Wilson versus Black-Bird Creek Marsh

These areas are covered briefly: 1) explanation of the case 2) The constitutional issue that was associated to the case 3) How did the court decide its verdict 4) What reasons did the court use

Brainstorming about American politics is achieved.

These areas are emphasized: 1. Research the interest group controversy, particularly referencing the Reform Act of 2002. Present arguments on both sides of this controversy, addressing provisions of the act, arguments for and against these provisions, and prospects for its effectiveness. 2. Based on what you have learne

Discussing the Missouri Compromise

Admitting Missouri to the Union precipitated a major national crisis: Please examine why the North and the South each agreed to the terms of the Missouri Compromise.

US History Multiple Choice

Question 1 One argument against annexing Texas to the United States was that the annexation a. could involve the country in a series of ruinous wars in America and Europe. b. might give more power to the supporters of slavery. c. was not supported by the people of Texas. d. offered little of political or

Slavery and Race Relations

Compare the attitudes and practices regarding slavery, race relations, and responses to abolition in the north and the south.

Development of Popular Democracy

Discuss the features of colonial politics that contributed to the development of popular democracy, and explain what kept political life from being more truly democratic. I need help getting started on this short essay question.

Revolutionary War

Summarize the course and conduct of the Revolutionary War after 1778, and describe the key role played by France in the final victory at Yorktown.

English Colonists and Early Jamestown Experience

Discuss the lessons you think English colonists learned from their early Jamestown experience. Focus on matters of fulfilling expectations, financial support, leadership skills, and relations with the Indians.

Civil Rights - Ballot or the Bullet & Malcolm X

In "the Ballot or the Bullet" Malcolm X argues for Black Nationalism, while in their selections, Martin Luther King and Stokely Carmichael argues that changes need to be made by specific white groups. Martin Luther King's has the most effective argument. Why? and How? QUESTIONS: 1. I must contrast to Malcolm X and

Terrorism in the 21st Century

Today's terrorists know no borders-they emerge quickly and without respect for power, prestige, or military might. Driven by hatred of America and its allies, terrorists do not distinguish between politics and religion, or between governments and civilians. How should the United States protect its vital interests against terr

Women's Movement

What were the goals of the women's movement, the Chicano movement, the American Indian Movement, and the civil rights movement? Did they accomplish their respective goals?

Criminal obstruction in terms of Nixon's actions is the focal topic.

This solution offers ways in which President Nixon's activities of criminal obstruction of justice, the improper or illegal use of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency and the Internal Revenue Service threatened the American system of government. It also examines the Constitutional process in this

Crime in the 1990's

Summarize the key factors leading to an increased fear of crime in the 1990s. In your view, which of these factors was most important and why?

Communism in the 1940s

This posting answers these questions: What did the Soviets do to infer that that Communism was trying to expand? How do we see this in their actions? What are the actions that show us this intention?

US Constitutional issues are examined.

This posting ponders how long should a government secret be held in a protected status. It also questions who should decide what information is secret and not released to the public for reasons of national security.

US Constitution

How has the constitutional guarantee of the freedom of speech been impacted by the Internet? What is the responsibility of the press in a democratic society?

World War II and Cold War at Home and Abroad

What were the causes of intense fear of communist subversion in the late 1940s and early 1950s? Who were the key figures in the "Second Red Scare" and what long- term impact did the Red Scare have on American society?

The New Deal

The government's general attitude towards business in the 1920s was that relationships between the government and businessmen had never been greater or stronger than they where at that time. There was four major ways in which the federal government supported big business: 1. High tariff policies. 2. Andrew Mellon. 3. Cutbac

United States Constitution - Multiple Choice Questions

1. Our system of checks and balances is designed to a. maintain proper fiscal policy by controlling expenditures and following proper accounting practices b. promote affirmative action policy within our branches of government c. prevent any branch of government from encroaching on the pow

American Ratification of the Treaty of Versailles

After the WWI, the signing of the Treaty seen some arguments as to why Wilson's 14-Points wasn't really used but rather the change using the Treaties into getting Germany to sign to the end of the war. I need HELP for an argument for and against the signing of the Treaty. Thank you.

Monroe Doctrine

Analyze the causes and consequences of the Monroe Doctrine, and explain the relationship of the doctrine to the permanent issue of the United States interactions with its Latin American neighbors.