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North American History

Age of Exploration and Discovery: Causes

Identify one major demographic, on major political, one major technological, and one major economic cause of European voyages of exploration and colonization to the New World?

U.S. Prosperity Boom in the 1950s

Identify the groups that did not share in the general prosperity of Americans during the 1950s. Explain why each of these groups missed out on the "good times."

American History since 1877 - Era of Reconstruction

To what extent did the Era of Reconstruction create a New South? What impact did the Agrarian Revolt have on American politics at the end of the 19th century? What are some of the high points and low points of the 1920s? What role did the United States play in World War I? What caused the United States to shift from iso

Capitalist Order

Describe the ways in which socialists and others challenged the capitalist order.

New Deal aspects are noted.

Which of President Roosevelt's early New Deal programs to aid in the country's recovery from the Great Depression illustrate his willingness to experiment with bold, innovative ideas? Which of his actions show his hesitation and connection to traditional values?

Depression Era Standards of Living and Lifestyle

What did the depression mean to typical Americans in terms of standard of living and lifestyle? Who suffered most? How do you think you would have responded to the sudden loss of income or standard of living?

Depression Era economic factors

What factors in the economy contributed to the depression? How did the capitalist and industrialist society created after the Civil War affect the economy?

Effects of WWI on the US economy are cited.

How did the war adversely affect the U.S. economy? What were some of the repercussions of this adverse affect? Could the economic downturn have been prevented? Why or why not?

Book Review: 'A Feeling of Belonging' by Shirley Jennifer Lim

History, U.S. History since 1877 - Year 3 A book review on A Feeling of Belonging by Shirley Jennifer Lim. The review must 1. Identify and evaluate the argument of the book. What, exactly is the author arguing in this text? How well does she support the argument, and with what types of evidence? Is the argument ultimat

A Feeling of Belonging by Shirley Jennifer Lim is the featured text.

Help is given with these aspects: 1. Identify and evaluate the argument of the book. What, exactly is the author arguing in this text? How well does she support the argument, and with what types of evidence? Is the argument ultimately persuasive? unpersuasive? In what ways? Make sure to consider the different facets of the au

Slavery affects prior to the Civil War

The institution of slavery in the United States affected the people living in the United States. What kind of affect did this institution have on the United States prior to the Civil War? How did it shape the peoples lives and culture.

Females in History

1. Central to the history of American women are changing conceptions of female sexuality, and women's shifting abilities to safely and readily access birth control. Conceptions of female sexuality, and the degree of control which women did (and did not) have over their reproductive lives, underwent significant changes between th

Linguistic Speech

Original Academic Problem Posted: My son has a Linguistic Speech to do on a member of society. The speech must include answers to 5 of the following questions. How could a person become a member of this class? What were their homes like? What did the people in this class do for fun? (recreational activities) What did the

The Jim Crow laws

What were the Jim Crow laws? In your opinion, do these laws still have an impact today? Why or why not?

The Second Great Awakening

Describe and evaluate how the Second Great Awakening influenced antebellum issues, such as public education, temperance, women's suffrage, abolition, and commercialization.

Abraham Lincoln and racial issues are noted.

How does Abraham Lincoln interpret the Declaration of Independence as it relates to African Americans? Is there anything that Lincoln says about African Americans that surprises you? Is so, what is it? Why are you surprised? What is the significance of Lincoln's interpretation of the Declaration of Independence for Americans tod

Andrew Johnson's impeachment and crime

Andrew Johnson was the first American president ever to be impeached. He escaped conviction and removal from office by a single vote. Was Johnson's only crime, as many white Southerners insisted, a principled defiance of vengeful and fanatic Republican radicals? Or was he a villain, as his critics charged, who undermined efforts

The Supreme Court Justices

Do some biographical research on the current Supreme Court Justices. Select one for discussion. What is his/her background? why was he/she chosen for the Court, and by whom? how do they compare to the othere on any single set of constitutional issues?

Websites for Senate and House

Visit one Senate Web site and one House Web site. Compare the content and discuss why the content differs or why it is similar.

1800-1850 Cultural Changes in America

What major cultural changes occurred in American life between 1800-1850, including the rise in popular religion, also what social forces led to each change.

Hamilton and Jefferson are compared.

When Thomas Jefferson wrote the phrase "all men are crated equal" as part of the Declaration of Independence, do you think he meant women too? Why or why not? Use at least two historical references to support your argument. Compare the philosophical and political convictions of Hamilton and Jefferson that led to the first Ame