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Description of mining booms

Describe the mining boom that swept the West in the late 1800s.

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Well, there were multiple mining booms in the late 1800s. It depends on what kind of mining you're talking about. Most people know about the Gold rush in the mid 1800s, but that was mostly over by the civil war. The exception to that was the gold found in the Black Hills of South Dakota in the mid 1870s. Silver was mined heavily until the price dropped in 1893. Lead and zinc were mined in many western lands. In 1872, President Grant passed a mining law, basically saying that anyone over 18 could have a claim to mine on US public lands. The goal of this law was to settle the west, and indeed it brought many prospective miners into these territories.

Now, if you're talking about life during those times, then there's ...

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This solution is the answer to a general question: "Describe the mining boom that swept the West in the late 1800s." If you are looking for a general understanding of the events in this time period and their ramifications, this solution can help you to understand it. I also went into some detail about the results of the various mining booms.