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Supreme Court Justice Samuel Anthony Alito Jr.

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Do some biographical research on the current Supreme Court Justices. Select one for discussion. What is his/her background? why was he/she chosen for the Court, and by whom? how do they compare to the othere on any single set of constitutional issues?

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An indepth look at how Samuel Anthony Alito Jr was appointed Supreme Court Justice and the career path he took to get there.

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Full name: Samuel Anthony Alito Jr. born April 1, 1950 was appointed by President George W. Bush in 2006 to the Supreme Court. Alito is considered a pretty conservative man but can be swayed to the liberal side on certain issues which is why Bush thought of him as a good fit for the Supreme Court. He was considered to be a mix of Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork, two famous Supreme Court Justices. He is the 110th Supreme Court Justice to be appointed and is the second Italian American and 12th Catholic to ever serve in the Supreme Court; he was the 5th Catholic at the time he was appointed Justice.

EDUCATION: Samuel Anthony Alito Jr. received a bachelor's degree from Princeton University and then graduated from Yale Law School.

His early career began in the State of New Jersey where from 1976-1977 he spent one year working as a law clerk for the third circuit court. From 1977-1981, Alito served as United States Attorney General for New Jersey. In 1981, he was hired as an assistant to Solicitor General Rex E. Lee where he was the legal advocate for Lee. From 1985-1987 he worked as a Deputy Assistant to Attorney General Edwin Meese and then from 1987-1990, Samuel Alito Jr. served as the United States ...

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