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North American History

Nixon and Watergate

What were the political effects of the Watergate scandal? What were the long-range effects of Nixon's foreign policy?

Henry Thoreau is discussed.

In "Civil Disobedience" Henry Thoreau states, "you serve your country poorly if you do so by suppressing your conscience in favor of the law ? your country needs consciences more than it needs conscienceless robots." What does he mean by that? Do you agree with his premise? Is civil disobedience ever right?

How did the minority groups struggle for civil rights begin in the 1950's?

How did the minority groups struggle for civil rights begin in the 1950's? I need a event from this time do you think was most responsible for bringing public attention to the American Civil Rights Movement? Explain why you selected this event.How is society today would make the public reaction similar or different? Describe

WWI and Canadian Society

I could really use some help with these last 3 questions. These need to be fairly in-depth answers and are worth about 33% each. Thanks! #1. Outline the various ways in which WW1 changed Canadian society. #2. Outline the causes of the Great Depression in Canada, and examine its effects on Canadians in various regions and socia

The scope of Canada 1867 to the Present is considered.

These areas are covered: 1) Evaluate the extent to which social attitudes and cultural activities in inter-war Canada provided evidence to change, and the extent to which they provided evidence of continuity. 2) Analyze the debate between imperialists and anti-imperialists regarding causes of World War 1 and the need for co

Policies within Canada from 1867 are briefly mentioned.

This posting assesses the extent to which the "national policies" made benefits available to all Canadians, and the extent to which they benefited some regions and some social classes to the detriment of other regions and social classes.

The constitutional relevance of "Chisholm v Georgia, 1793"

CHISHOLM V GEORGIA 1793 Provide an explanation of the factual background of the case 1) Why was this case sent to the Supreme Court? 2) What was the constitutional issue that was associated with this case? 3) How did the court decide its verdict? 4) What reasons did the court use to come up with its decision?


I am in need of assistance for the following court case. For my need of understanding the following issues must be addressed if YOU CAN NOT ADDRESS ALL OF THE QUESTIONS PLEASE DO NOT SIGN OUT THE PROBLEM. Thank You for your understanding. Also the official court document must be utilized no secondary sources 1)

Wilson versus Black-Bird Creek Marsh

These areas are covered briefly: 1) explanation of the case 2) The constitutional issue that was associated to the case 3) How did the court decide its verdict 4) What reasons did the court use

Brainstorming about American politics is achieved.

These areas are emphasized: 1. Research the interest group controversy, particularly referencing the Reform Act of 2002. Present arguments on both sides of this controversy, addressing provisions of the act, arguments for and against these provisions, and prospects for its effectiveness. 2. Based on what you have learne

Discussing the Missouri Compromise

Admitting Missouri to the Union precipitated a major national crisis: Please examine why the North and the South each agreed to the terms of the Missouri Compromise.

US History Multiple Choice

Question 1 One argument against annexing Texas to the United States was that the annexation a. could involve the country in a series of ruinous wars in America and Europe. b. might give more power to the supporters of slavery. c. was not supported by the people of Texas. d. offered little of political or

Slavery and Race Relations

Compare the attitudes and practices regarding slavery, race relations, and responses to abolition in the north and the south.

Development of Popular Democracy

Discuss the features of colonial politics that contributed to the development of popular democracy, and explain what kept political life from being more truly democratic. I need help getting started on this short essay question.

Revolutionary War

Summarize the course and conduct of the Revolutionary War after 1778, and describe the key role played by France in the final victory at Yorktown.

English Colonists and Early Jamestown Experience

Discuss the lessons you think English colonists learned from their early Jamestown experience. Focus on matters of fulfilling expectations, financial support, leadership skills, and relations with the Indians.