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The Shaping of American Identity

How did life in the British colonies contribute to creating a unique American identity? How do you see that identity manifested in modern American society? Provide three examples of differences in economic and social development between the Northern and Southern colonies. What affect did slavery have on these differences?

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The American Identity

During the time of American colonialisation, a huge number of British and European settlers crossed to the New World facing a host of trials and difficulties to 'tame' and make the new territories liveable and their own. Their lives, mistakes, conflicts, successes and struggles are encompassed in American history as the source of the creation of a very unique American identity that has become separate and unrecognizable from their former selves with the generations thereafter holding on to the uniquely formed values and beliefs that had its beginning in the days of colonialisation. Now, how did life in the colonies contribute to the creation of this unique American identity? To answer that we can look at the work of John Hector St. John de Crèvec?ur a naturalized French-American writer who authored the 1782 essay Series, 'Letters to an American Farmer' which were presented as a book; the narratives of the collective essays describing and giving rise to what can now be determined as 'American Ideals' .Educated in England he came to America to pursue the colonial dream: large tract of land & colonial territories for agricultural purposes. As an educated man he came to publish his ideas & experiences as an American Émigré & the founding of his identities as such. His essays show his love & hardships & difficulties in the land of his adaptation as well as the realizations about Colonial Life that it brings. In this essay with 'Colonial Eyes' he takes us into journey of American Colonial Life, a window by which to view what then makes an American. His ...

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The solution, a 1,091-word APA format essay discusses how a unique American identity was shaped via the way of life and the challenges faced by the New World immigrants in the British Colonies. A narrative discussing manifestation of said identity in modern times is also included.Additionally examples of differences in social development between the Northern and Southern colonies is discussed including the impact of slavery. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing. References are listed.