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The German-American Culture

Help with my cultural background as American and German is guided. I live in Lodi Ca.

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Dear Student,
Hello and thank you for using Brainmass. Since this is a short essay discussing what should be your cultural background, the expected result is personal in nature. Therefore I had to make some assumptions about you based on the information you have provided - that you are a German-American and that you live in Lodi, California. At best, this is estimation. This is however an example of what the answer should be like, invoking cultural elements about yourself. When you do write your own version, take note of what is essentially 'true' about yourself and include them. Good luck!

OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

My Cultural Background

In a nutshell, my ancestry is mixed Anglo-Saxon-Germanic. My parentage is American-German and I grew up with both American and German culture influencing my socialization. From my German influence I was exposed to German values like the importance of responsibility, faith and family. I was also exposed to elements of German culture including literature, music and cuisine. From my American ancestry I was exposed to the ideals of American freedom and the pursuit of independence. Having grown up in America and having been exposed to the American education and social system, my values and world-view is predominantly American. I judge the world according to the standards set by the ...

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The solution is a sample paper that reflects on a German-American's cultural background in a 785-word essay that includes presupposed elements of American and German cultures as reflected in the case of this attributed German-American Californian student. references are listed for further research.