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Investigating Terrorism

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In times of war, Americans have questioned the loyalty of immigrants from an enemy nation, and sometimes they have made such persons victims of terrorism. Trace the rise of anti-German legislation and vigilante activities that occurred in the United States throughout World War I.

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The expert examines investigation terrorism for Americans. A trace to rise of anti-German legislation and vigilante activities are discussed.

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During times of war it's very common for the majority of the American populous to naturally believe that all immigrants from an enemy nation have some form of anti-American sentiment. As seen with the fall of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, many Arabs or those of Muslim background became victims here in the United States as the country went to war with Iraq and Afghanistan. Though the government didn't exactly target those from Arab countries, we saw the government at local, state, and federal level enforce stronger immigration laws.

This was the very case as the German empire became a focal point for many countries in the world as they continued their conquering of smaller countries abroad. President Thomas Woodrow Wilson feared of a German attack from within and enforced ...

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