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Identification and summary of the key organizational behavior issues evident in the case

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Cooperating and communicating across cultures highlights the key issues evident in this case study. Each team member brought with him pre-conceived notions of the "right" way in which to interact with the team and for the team to progress. These viewpoints were in large part related to nationalistic culture embedded within their corporate background. Jim entered the team seemingly well prepared, with knowledge of German culture and language, however, he was amazed at the detail in which the planning session went, lost patience and interest, and consequently lost the respect of his fellow team members by "hardly paying attention" anymore to the process. The Germans used the three-day planning session as a way to lay the foundation for the structure of the entire product launch. By tuning out, and not understanding the ...

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This solution deals with a case study called "Americans and Germans Working on a Team Project" in which an American gives his side of working on a German team, and then a German gives his side of working on an American team. Both the Americans and Germans weigh in on the organizational behavior issues from their cultural standpoint. The solution identifies the key organizational behavior issues evident in the case, includes examples, and an APA formatted bibliography.