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    Case: Bright and Dedicated: What more do you want? Susan's performance evaluation

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    Please see attached case in two different files; it was too big to put in one.

    Read the Part III Case Study beginning on page 473 after Chapter 12. Write a response for the following questions:

    1. Identify and summarize the key organizational behavior issues evident in the case

    2. Reflection on the identified issues along with recommendations or potential solutions to identified issues

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    One of the key organizational behavior issues evident in "Bright and Dedicated: What More Do You Want?" is the lack of communication. Susan would like to be more involved, yearns to be more helpful, and speak with Anita more. When their offices were closer together Susan and Anita were both happier, and Susan was more productive. In addition, Susan is further out of the loop by not being closer to the participations/royalties and payroll clerk offices. She is further hampered by being involved in "a lengthy analysis of all transactions posted to the "intercompany" accounts," and assuming that Anita does not want this task delegated. Susan and Anita both want the same outcome; however, each has failed to communicate well with the other.

    Susan is a diligent worker, as evidenced by her performance review. She is willing to do what Anita asks, she simply is not aware of Anita's desires. Susan is operating with the understanding that she is involved in an autocratic model in which Anita will tell her everything that Anita expects. Anita and the entertainment industry (in which Susan does not have a previous background) are set up based on a collegial model. Anita expects Susan to come out of her office, interact with others, and be more ...

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