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Setting Wages & Incentives

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Two HR Case Studies - Setting Wages & Incentives. See attached file for full problem description.

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Identify at least 2 factors that Perkins and Balkin should consider when setting the wage for the purchasing agent position?

The volume of purchases that the person will be handling;
The number of years experience that he has in sports equipment purchases;
The previous salary earned by the person;

2. Identify at least 2 resources that are available for Perkins and Balkin to consult when establishing the purchasing agent's wage?
The salaries that are being paid by the competitors;
The pay slips of the candidates being interviewed;
Placement consultants who are active in the sports goods industry;

3. Suggest at least 2 advantages of a pay-for-performance policy for Performance Sports.
There is incentive for customer service representatives to gain more orders;
The pay-for-performance policy will be a great motivator for Performance Sports.

4. Suggest at least 2 disadvantages of a pay-for-performance policy for Performance Sports.
The employees may get very low salaries in months where there are relatively low sales;
The employees may not want to do work that does not directly increase sales;

5. Suggest a ...

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