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Incentives as a Source of Arousal

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What are incentives? What are two examples of incentives? How do these incentives work as sources of arousal?

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1. What are incentives?

Incentives are "external stimuli or rewards that motivate behavior although they do not relate directly to biological needs" (http://www.psychologymatters.org/glossary.html#i).

2. What are two examples of incentives?

Examples of external stimulus or rewards are praise ("you did a good job" or "good work!") and rewards, such as candy, increase in wages, bonus, child is rewarded by being allowed to go to a ...

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By example, this solution defines and discusses the concept of incentives and how these incentives work as sources of arousal. Supplemented with an information article discussing incentives (strategies) for arousing and sustaining curiosity and interest in a learning situation.