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    Performance Evaluation System

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    Prepare a paper analyzing the performance evaluation system in your organization (or one with which you are familiar) in terms of its effectiveness in evaluating job performance.

    Also, explain the relationship between performance management and compensation in your organization. Are these items linked? If so, how?

    Make recommendations to improve the relationship between your organization's performance evaluation and compensation systems.

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    The company in which I am familiar with is Afford A Care Incorporated. This organization does a poor job in evaluating job performance and compensating their workers. For example, they pay their Certified Nurse's Aides a total of $10/hour, but only pay them $30 for an overnight shift, when it should be more. They deceive people in doing the night shifts because they do not take out on taxes on it, which make people want to quit on the long run because of having to give it all back to the government. As one can tell they are both linked together. A person's performance goes down if they are not told the truth to begin with, and eventually are out of not making any money because of it. The company also listens to gossip, and believes management over their employees when it comes to performance. An instance of this is ...

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    This solution discussed the performance evaluation system, explain the relationship between performance management and compensation in one's organization and if they are linked, and make recommendations to improve the relationship between one's organization performance evaluation and compensation system.