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    An America Without Religion

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    Imagine the U.S. as a nation that did not practice any types of religion. Explain how this might affect society.

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    1. About Religion & Function - 150 words
    2. Relevance to Society - 150 words
    3. America without Religion using sociological perspectives - 150 words

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    Religion & Society


    If we look at the history of civilizations and of nations, at the germinating point of identity and culture when social foundations were established, religion was essential and played a part in the construction of identity, practices, worldviews and standards of living. Religion as we know it is a school of beliefs, a paradigm of thought that parlays beyond the natural world with an organized system of ideas that attempt to explain our world, our origins, our purpose and how or why things happen and go on. Religion gives us our creation stories just as religion had given us our ways of living - how to live, our right and wrongs, standards of morality, definitions of good and bad, of what is the ideal and what isn't. In so doing we were able to set socio-cultural rules that forged in us ideas of who we are, how we should live, what we should be. This is true for all religions from the major ones (i.e. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism) to the folk religions (i.e. Shintoism, Druze, Sufism, Haitian Voodoo) so that their faithful and the societies, nations and communities established through them or sustained by them have come to incorporate social beliefs and social standards, even in what they consider as acceptably legal (i.e. Sharia Law) practice. Religion's role in society is complex in terms of function, in terms of meaning creation and in terms of the establishment of identity through belief-conflict (i.e. the Crusades defining who and what makes up a good Christian and a good Muslim).


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