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    Events that shaped African American Identity

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    Provide an overview of the significant events in American history affecting African American identity. Choose one event that you feel is important and research it. Analyze how that event shaped and changed African American identity. Examples of significant events include the Spanish American War, World War II, the New Deal and the Depression, the Harlem Renaissance, and the urbanization process.

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    Thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get you started. There are a myriad of events that contribute to the shaping of African-American Identity. It is difficult to pinpoint which one is most important as all of them have contributed to it immensely. Also please remember that identities are shaped as a social process therefore it is never ending. Identities carries the past and continues to evolve overtime. I have chosen a particular period in American history below that I feel affected the sense of African-American disenfranchisement. Good luck with your studies.

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    The Reconstruction and the African-American Identity

    In 1877, the Union Troops withdrew from the South under the directive of then Pres. Hayes. This was under the period of Reconstruction when an effective social change brought about by the triumph of the North was supposed to have already freed the Black Slaves from oppression and allowed for their emancipation and freedom. But this was not the case as via the withdrawal, a bitter sense of Black ostracization had begun under the heading of the 'separate but equal' initiative. This was the beginning of the Jim Crow laws in the form of state and local laws that sought to reverse the advances of the Reconstruction. What these laws have done is to lead to treatment of the freed slaves under unequal and poor conditions, providing them with an inferior status in society where economic, academic, social and political opportunities where far and few in between. Essentially, the freed slaves became second or third class citizens ...

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