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    Impact of Colonialization in Africa

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    What are some of the most influential events brought about by the colonization of African nations by Europe (economic, social, Internal, Psychological, etc.) that had the greatest impact on African nations and the African people? Consider how those events continue to influence African nations and the African people today.

    Discuss the direct and indirect impacts which these events had on the African nations and people. Finally, determine whether or not African nations, and the African people would be better off today, had colonization never taken place.

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    Hello and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get you started. 3 paragraphs is a little too 'narrow' a limit for such a broad topic therefore the ideas below are just the starting point - they can be further explored by using the references I have listed below. A professor of mine in African History in my Postgraduate studies lectured on the impact of colonialization on the creation of identities alone for an entire semester and identities of Africans are varied and differentiated by so many elements - language, customs, tribal grouping, beliefs, etc. But do not worry, I believe your professor is only asking for a 'general' understanding of the effects of colonialization from you. If you have any questions, you can let me know via the feedback section. Good luck and happy holidays!

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    Impact of Colonialization to Africa/among African Peoples

    Africa, especially North Africa had been, since ancient days had been contested territory where Mesopotamians, Carthaginians,Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Berbers, Egyptians vied for control and influence. South of the Sahara, the Atlantic, the Arabian and Indian coast of Africa however were subject to indigenous peoples and tribes, nations actually, who, prior to the arrival of the Europeans had their own working societies - ruled by tribal elders, leaders and monarchs who followed their own belief systems, indigenous culture, had set traditions, practices and way of life. They were either pastoral, sedentary, hunter gatherers or established farmers, traders and miners, warring against each other for territories/resources and cooperating with each other for influence, power and to overcome threats against their ...

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    The solution is a 907-word narrative that discusses the impact of Colonialization and the colonial experience (both direct and indirect) among African peoples and nations then and now. A discussion of what it would have been had Colonialization not taken place is also included. References are listed for expansion. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.