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    Booker T. Washington's teachings in Africa

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    How did Booker T Washington's teachings and education , help shape the African people to become a more secure and independent races?

    What events early on Booker T Washington's help shape him as a leader and as a person?

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    I'm going to answer your questions in the opposite order, so that they're chronological. Booker T Washington worked extremely hard for his entire life, first as a slave on a tobacco plantation where his mother was cook, and later (after the Emancipation Proclamation) in a salt mine working the 4 a.m. shift so he could attend school. "There was no period of my life that was devoted to play," Washington once wrote. "From the time that I can remember anything, almost everyday of my life has been occupied in some kind of labor."

    The event that probably shaped his life the most happened when he was 16. His parents allowed him to quit work to attend school. They had no money, so he had to walk nearly 200 miles to attend the Hampton Institute in Virginia. He actually worked ...

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    How his teachings and education helped shape the African people. How events in his life helped shape him.