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Group influence and cultural identity

Please help me with 250 to 300 words to answer: What is the relationship between group influence and cultural identity? Can you think of situations in which these two influences are in conflict?

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Cultural identity is the feeling of identity with a group or culture of an individual as far as he/she is influenced by his/her belonging to a group or culture. In many areas of life, cultural identity and group influence are often related. For example, for an immigrant child and his/her family who have settled in the United States, the pressure for that child to fit into his/her new school may result in him/her wishing to assimilate into the American culture while his/her parents strictly adhere to the values of their native homeland. If an individual shares values and customs of their family then that person has been most likely influenced as a result of family members talking about the values they believe in. This would possibly result in that individual coming to realize that their values are an accepted product of their culture. It may lead to that person taking pride in his/her culture. Groups (family or ...

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This solution discusses the relationship between group influence and cultural identity.