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    Early British North American Colonies

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    Identify the Early British North American Colonies

    What were the goals?

    Explain the government?

    Explain the Social Structure.

    What was the religion?

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    Identify the Early British North American Colonies
    According to Wikipedia, "The Thirteen Colonies gave rise to eighteen present-day states: the original thirteen states (in chronological order of their ratification of the United States Constitution: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island), Vermont (which had been disputed between New Hampshire and New York and which was an independent republic from 1777 to 1791), Kentucky (formerly part of Virginia until 1792), Tennessee (formerly part of North Carolina until 1796), Maine (formerly part of Massachusetts until 1820), and West Virginia (also formerly part of Virginia until 1863)."

    What were the goals?
    The Thirteen Colonies or British America, gained independence from Britain in the 1775 American Revolution as it is know in our history books. .A year later in July 4, 1776, they declared Independence Day.

    The goals of colonists include:
    1- freedom from sovereign powers or more centralized government control or colonial empire
    2- exploration and land/resource acquisition
    3- spread of religious ministries or escape from for ones ("Spain's experience during the Reconquista gave their American colonization efforts qualities of centralized governmental control, military conquest, and religious missionary." )
    4- military conquest
    5- removal of convicts from greater society
    6- relieve over population
    7- eventual scientific explorations.

    Explain the government?
    According to Wikipedia:
    The ...

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