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North American History

Difference between 3 old schools

Please research and give me the differences between the following schools: 1. Epicurian 2. Stoicism 3. Cynicism Then I need to write a paper on what school I would fit best into with my beliefs, etc. thank you, Judy

Immigration in the 1840s

Symbolic of one of the major changes in American demographics was the large influx of immigrants in the 1840s. In what ways were these new immigrants (primarily Germans and Irish) similar to other immigrants such as the British and the Scots-Irish and in what ways were they different?

Analytical discussion

Explain why America became a superpower between the years of 1865-1945. Specific factors that influenced America's rise from Civil War to post WWII superpower. I am looking for help with analysis using historical events to show "why" America became a world superpower, not simply stating facts and timelines.

Discussion assistance

In what ways did mass consumption and the media contribute to a new "Mass Culture" in the 1920's and 1930's?

Discussion assistance

How did Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal programs "prime the pump" of American industry and consumer confidence?

One to two key words and a short sentence answer/response

I need a one to two key word and then a sentence or explaination after for each question. example- Industry: the North had greater industrial capacity that better supplied union troops. ---------------------------------- 1. Explain four causes of the American Revolutionary War (do not name four different taxes or sloga

Questions from American History- European conquest of the New World, slavery, first ten amendments to the U.S Constitution, political views of the Federalists anti-federalist during Thomas Jefferson presidency

1) Explain three reasons/rationale the Europeans used to justify conquering the New World? 2) Explain three negative consequences of the European conquest of the New World? 3) Explain three reasons why slavery prospered in the North American colonies, especially in the Southern colonies (why could slvery be viewed as justi

Texas Revolt

What were the causes and consequence of the Texas revolt? Why did Texas remain for a time an independent nation rather than becoming a part of the union?


How "revolutionary" were Jefferson's policies compared with those of the previous Federalist administrations? What role did John Marshall play in establishing the role of the Supreme Court?

Andrew Jackson

What made Andrew Jackson such a popular symbol of the "New Democracy?" How revolutionary was Jackson's "Revolution of 1828"?


Examine some of the major issues which affected the country during the Presidency of Andrew Jackson and show how true, two-party democracy was firmly established by the time of the "log-cabin and hard-cider" campaign of 1840.

Holocaust & Auschwitz

Discuss Auschwitz in terms of location, structure, and implications for the Jews and others.

Europeans and Indians

What commercial, religious, and nationalistic incentives drove Europeans to embark on the hazardous course of establishing overseas colonies? What happened to both the Europeans and the Inndians when their worlds collided after 1492? In what ways were b oth societies changed?

Salem Witch Trials

Were the Salem Witch Trials a peculiar, aberrant moment in an age of superstition, or did they reflect common human psychological and social anxieties that could appear in any age? How harshly should those who prosecuted the "witches" be condemned?

Sourthern Colonies

Why did the sourthern colonies develop an economic and social system based on large-scale plantaiton agriculture? What were the causes and effects of the Great Awakening? How did such an intense religious revival affect those who experienced conversion as well as those who did not? How democratic as colonial American socie

French Empire

Why was the French Empire ultimately so much less successful than either the Spanish or the British? Why did the northern colonies develop a very different social and economic system based on small-scale farming and business?


What was the Revolutionary movement really all about and the amount of taxation? The right of government to tax? The political corruption of Britain and the virtue of America? The right of a king to govern America? The colonies' growing sense of national identity apart from Britian?

Critical thinking

In what ways did blacks and whites respond to the end of slavery? What changes in race relations occurred as a result of emancipation?