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North American History

Early Colonization Efforts of France, England and Spain

I compare the early exploration and colonization efforts of Spain with those of France and England. What objectives did each country have during the colonization period? Were the colonists operating as private business ventures or as government-sponsored efforts? Which were more successful? Why?

Study questions about WWI are included.

WWI has been called the war that ended the age of romanticism. In your opinion, how did America change as a result of the war? These areas are briefly covered.

Study questions about progressivism are included.

Help with the following questions is given: 1. How did early progressivism compare to modern activism in Civil Rights and social disobedience? 2. How did the Triangle Shirt Factory fire influence American domestic labor laws and regulations? What are modern examples of such excesses?

Popular democracy is briefly examined.

Features of colonial politics that contributed to the development of popular democracy are explained. It also infers what kept political life from being more truly democratic.

Politics of Progressivism

This job analyzes the politics of progressivism under Theodore Roosevelt and the consequential social movement that developed during the progressive era.

Holding companies in American history

I'm studying American History and would like some input on whether there was anything wrong with one corporation holding stock in another? Why or why not?

Civil Rights Movement: What are civil rights?

Many people think that the Civil Rights movement started with Martin Luther King, Jr. What are Civil Rights? How, in fact, have African Americans and other minorities been fighting for Civil Rights even before the Civil War started?

Study Question

Can you help with this study question. Thanks Why is the study of history meaningful? How is an understanding of history related to the health of a democracy

5th Amendment in the Future

The most likely changes The Fifth Amendment may clamp down on are abuses by courts of allowing certain testimony that is in violation of Miranda even when done for purposes of impeachment. This is from the fact that the jury is tainted whether or not the testimony is offered for the truth or for impeachment purposes and therefor

Could you help me with making the prediction as to how interpretation of the 5th Amendment might change in the future? I would like one reference source, and 400 to 420 words.

Using a minimum of four outside sources, prepare 1550-2050 word detailing their findings of an analysis of the 5th amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The paper is to provide a background history of the issues surrounding the Amendment, a synopsis of the evolution of the interpretation of the Amendment in various Supreme Court

Strength of Federal Government

Is the federal government too strong? if yes, why? If not, Why? What can be done to improve the federal government? I would like 250 words of your thoughts on this subject. My main question is Is the federal government too strong?

Americans' views of the West

How did Americans view the West? What was the common consensus about what to do with the Native Americans who already inhabited the land? Did all Americans share this view?

Constitutional Amendament to allow prayer back into the schools

In order to get prayer back into schools, with the U.S. Constitutional Amendment, what steps and stages need to be taken? I know the first step is to persuade a representative or Senator to introduce the bill, which give me two options to make a proposal. Both the Senate and House of Representatives each must have at least two-

The Rise of Capitalism in America is traced.

The role industrialization and the impact factories had on capitalism is investigated. How do our modern day conceptions of what a factory is or what industrialization is affect our interpretation of historical industrialization? Did the coming of factories represent progress? Is progress always necessarily positive?

Effects of the War of 1812 are listed.

Do you think that the War of 1812 finally resolved the issues left over from the American Revolution? What did this war mean for the American people as a whole?

Segregation in American Society Today

Wording of 200 to 300. This is just my opinion.We segregate by race, by gender, by sexual orientation, by age, by religion, by handicap. We even segregate our politics. True, most of the segregation is by choice, so it is not legal to discriminate, but I would say most of us have some type of prejudice. I would like your tho

The Impact of the Invention of Cotton Gin

With the invention of the cotton gin, slavery became increasingly ingrained in the American south. How did slaves respond to this? Discuss their various methods to cope ranging from sabotage to outright rebellion. Do you think their actions affected the way that whites viewed slavery? This question is debated.

political parties of the 1790s

What effects did political parties have on the events of the 1790s? When answering this question, select a specific event that you think best displays the effects of the rise of political parties and use this to illustrate your point.

Iroquois Indians - The Early Years

I have to do a power point on the Iroquois Indians. I need three slides for this question. I need help with their situation prior to discovery of the New World.