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    The 5th Amendment and the future

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    Using a minimum of four outside sources, prepare 1550-2050 word detailing their findings of an analysis of the 5th amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The paper is to provide a background history of the issues surrounding the Amendment, a synopsis of the evolution of the interpretation of the Amendment in various Supreme Court decisions, an analysis of how this Amendment has impacted American society and predictions as to how interpretations of this Amendment might change in the future. You will also prep a 15 minute power presentation. (8-10 slides).

    I only need your help with the instructions on prediction, that is in Bold, I will be working on the rest and slides, which I love to do. I am not good at making prediction and usually wrong on what I do predict. 

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    In the future, the interpretation of the fifth amendment really depends upon who's in government and who's sitting on the Supreme Court. Based on whether the Justices sitting on the Supreme Court are Conservative or Liberal and how they view the Constitution will determine how the Fifth Amendment is interpreted. The current interpretation that all lower courts have to follow can only be changed by the Supreme Court from the last time that they interpreted the Amendment. Those who are appointed to the Supreme Court depend on who is the sitting ...