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    Significance of slavery in political development of America

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    What was the significance of slavery in the political development of 18th- and 19th-century America?

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    Prior to 1776, slavery was allowed to a certain extent and actually slightly encouraged. During the European Colonial Period, slavery was rampant and most Europeans had no problem with it. When the United States started forming and organizing their governmental structure, slavery was one of the most debated issues. Because of many of other issues going on in the United States at that time, the US government took slavery off the agenda because of the other issues. They said it would be discussed at a later date, however no specific time was set. However, it did allow the states to form a union and sign off on the Constitution. Slavery was a major element in the economic health of the south which was heavily reliant on agriculture. Because this was before the big machines and harvesters, it took a huge amount of labor to do the harvest, planting, cultivating etc... To do this without slaves would have been impossible.

    The plantation owners would not have been able to afford their farms with out ...

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    How slavery and the significance of slavery impacted the political climate and development of the 18th and 19th centuries in the United States.