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Rufus King and Roger Sherman

Ideologies of Rufus King and Roger Sherman are listed.

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As you talk about Rufus King, he was born at Scarboro (Scarborough), MA, in 1755 ( king.htm). Besides law, he also served as a general's aide during the War for Independence.

Next, his philosophies were also quite political in nature. He attended and spoke against slavery at the Continental Congress. His philosophy also centered around advocating major changes to the Articles of Confederation ( Historians also attribute King and Madison as leading figures in the nationalist caucus (

In terms of causes, please also note that he supported Hamilton's fiscal program. He was also a leading proponent of the unpopular Jay's Treaty (

You can also cite King's various honors such as one of the directors of the First Bank of the United States and Minister to Great Britain (

On a different note, you can also talk about his support ...

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Rufus King and Roger Sherman are the focal topics.