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North American History

Hobbes and Locke

How did their theories influence the Framers? How influential are they in American thought today?

Colonial American Period

I need to visit several historic sites from different periods and write a paper along with a presentation. I would like help with the site I intend on visiting for the Colonial period as 1) I don't know much about this period and 2) As a science major I have difficulty researching topics in history. I would like information o

Necessary & proper laws needed to carry out its delegated powers

Chief Justice John Marshall emphasized that the Constitution gave Congress the power to make all "necessary and proper laws" needed to carry out its delegated powers. How did the necessary and proper clause apply to the case of McCulloch v. Maryland? What was the impact of this clause on the scope of federal power?

Historical Industrialization Conceptions

How do our modern day conceptions of what a factory is or what industrialization is affect our interpretation of historical industrialization? Did the coming of factories represent progress? Is progress always necessarily positive?

Review of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

I need to complete a paper written using APA format book review on "Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee" I need the book to focus on a person, period or event of significance to America during the period of 1491-1865. That is why I chose this one. The review may provide background information about the content of the book, I need

The Signifance of Slavery

Explain the origins, legacy, and significance of the Civil War - the significance of slavery in the economic, social, and political development of 18th- and 19th-century America.

Joseph Stalin's life is summarized.

Of all the dictators during the time period we have been discussing, only Stalin would survive the war and end up living a relatively long life. His antagonists, Hitler and Mussolini, would end their lives in violent death. Mussolini would go first along with his mistress. Their beaten and mutilated corpses hung by their heels o

The Constitution and Social Welfare

Does the constitution give the government the right to create a social welfare program? If violence is due to a lack of economic opportunity, and education opens up opportunity thereby reducing violence, where does the constitution authorize federal education funding or welfare either corporate, agricultural or social? Thes

First Amendment: Is burning an American flag protected by the First Amendment?

Please provide assistance with the following questions: 1. Is burning an American flag protected by the First Amendment? Why or why not? Should there be a constitutional amendment banning this practice? 2. Is there a difference between government establishment of a religion and the freedom to worship? How has this issu

Patriotic Act

Summarize the civil rights of the American citizens as it relates to the Patriotic Act.

Expanding nation issues are addressed.

This job examines how the new nation was affected by continued growth and expansion in the following issue: How each region of the United States developed different economic and social systems?

Ratification debates are included.

I explain the views of the Federalists versus those of the Anti-Federalists regarding ratification of the United States Constitution. I provide an in-depth analysis of the arguments of both sides and why the Federalists prevailed.

The Articles of Confederation and government

1. Why were Americans so afraid of a strong national government? In the wake of the war, and given that fear, how was the Articles of Confederation government constructed? How was it successful? In what ways did it fail? 2. How did the Bill of Rights help calm the fears of those who were reluctant to ratify the Constitution?

Discussion questions about the U.S. Constitution are noted.

I choose one of the cases below decided by the Marshall Court and identify the major issues in the case and why it was so important for both American society and law: a. Marbury v. Madison b. McCulloch v. Maryland c. Gibbons v. Ogden d. Baron v. Baltimore

Discussion questions for the U.S. Constitution

I offer assistance with the following for the U.S. Constitution: Some scholars have suggested that a consequence of separation of powers and checks and balances has been fragmented policy-making processes (that is, nothing ever gets done!). Why is this the case? Is this what the Framers intended?

New Deal Plans

Why were some of the "New Deal" plans found to be unconstitutional. Please elaborate. What executive power did Roosevelt attempt to abuse and why?

Federalists and the Anti-Federalists

This posting deliberates which side you would take in the debates between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. Did the Federalists' arguments prevail in 1788? I also give an example of how this debate continues today.

Three branches of government

How are the three branches of U.S. government supposed to interact? -Is the system successful? why or why not? Are the branches balanced in power why or why not? How was the conflict between supporters of a strong federal government and champions of states rights characterized then, as opposed to now? How could things