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Historical Industrialization Conceptions

How do our modern day conceptions of what a factory is or what industrialization is affect our interpretation of historical industrialization? Did the coming of factories represent progress? Is progress always necessarily positive?

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The modern day factory concept is somewhat different than it was during the post revolutionary period. Today, when a person indicates that they are employed at a factory, there is an almost instant visualization of a flat roofed building, where many individual go to work, and operate machinery or manually perform repetitive work. There is also an instant thought of mechanization, which would include large machines, and automations that allow the production of materials or goods, in a manner which is more efficient than any single person could produce the same product.

Even the thought of a job shop in current day standards, does not bring to light the thought of the word 'factory'. These smaller job shops, and small production buildings which simply employ 10 or so employees, do not bring to mind the concept of a factory in today's standards.

In the past, the word factory had a much broader definition. In the post ...

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This solution addresses our interpretation of historical industrialization.