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    Questions about the U.S. Constitution are posed.

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    I choose one of the cases below decided by the Marshall Court and identify the major issues in the case and why it was so important for both American society and law:
    a. Marbury v. Madison
    b. McCulloch v. Maryland
    c. Gibbons v. Ogden
    d. Baron v. Baltimore

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    As you pick a case and argue its importance for both American society and law, I chose the case of Gibbons v. Ogden (1824) to help you as a guide. When summarizing why it was so vital, you might note that historians and legal analysts call it a "key turning point for the expansion of federal power to address national problems" (http://www.landmarkcases.org/gibbons/background3.html). Specifically, you might look at some of the core issues within this case. Since America has always had a dilemma in determine which level of government (state or national) should control interstate commerce, this case played a critical role in this matter.

    As you overview the case, you might note how two men, Robert ...

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    The U.S. Constitution is assessed.