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    Equal Rights Proposition for persons with Disabilities

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    - Summarize the existing or proposed solutions for different groups or locales that are currently or have previously addressed the issue.

    - Your team's compromise solution (adapted from previously existing solutions) or a new solution devised by your team as an alternative to existing solutions.

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    1. The usual issue in general terms seems to be the application of the law. That is, when violations occur,can the violator be held accountable and can the law that was violated be enforced? Looking up online and/or in the library what laws (and/or solutions) already exist - and their enforcement - would be one part of your summary You might also contact an authority on the subject.

    2. The part of the assignment that asks you to investigate proposed solutions is trickier. You need to look up online or in the library what equal rights are not being defended by law or practice.

    For Simplicity's Sake. Lets just take
    I. The summary of existing solutions. On a national level and on a state or provincial level, depending on your governmental system, there is some kind of standard process for proposing laws:
    A. Someone or some group (of ...

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    The solution discusses the equal right proposition for persons with disabilities.