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    Performance Incentives Concern for Ethics

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    Why are performance incentives a concern for ethics?

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    Performance Incentives and Ethics

    Importance of Ethics in Performance Incentives
    Performance incentives and business ethics both plays an integral role in the success of business and increase satisfaction among all the employees. In order to motivate the employee's performance, management provides them some incentive apart from their basic salary. Organizations should be committed to the standards of ethics, integrity and adherence of regulations. As per the Equal Employment Opportunity Regulations, the management should follow ethics and fulfill their responsibility towards employees and society.
    It is important for the companies to go with the rules and regulations at the time of giving incentives. Workforce may encounter various legal issues related to business conduct and can go to top management. To be trustful and respectful is one of the main principles of business ethics. In spite of dissimilarity like ages, ...

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