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    Chinese immigration

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    Resources are used to show a situation prior to discovery of New World, a situation during the arrival of to the New World. It also lists how the Chinese culture affected the overall culture of America.

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    Although this topic is complex, I offer some ideas and research to help you with your charts:

    First, you might choose Spain as an obvious idea. As you first note the situation prior to the discovery of New World, you might notice that the native people, pre-Columbus, were quite distinct in their lifestyles. Research shows that they lived on the land and in relative peace as their "lifestyles and belief systems differed widely and they spoke hundreds of distinct languages" (www.ibiblio.org/expo/1492.exhibit/a-America/america.html ).

    Although many tribes existed, please note that these people exhibited both trends of internal migration and warfare. It is vital to note that these native people did not see themselves as "Native Americans," though. Research suggests that the "peoples did not see themselves as part of an entity. Only later would this area be given a unifying name - America - and the people labeled "Indians" by Europe" (www.ibiblio.org/expo/1492.exhibit/a-America/america.html).

    As you then assess the situation during the arrival of invaders to New World, you might look at how initially Columbus' encounter was amiable. For example, you might add that sometimes the Indians greeted the Europeans warmly, offered food, and taught them native survival skills. Research shows that ...

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    The impact of Chinese immigration in America, and the New World in general, is presented. Research links also guide users.