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    The Federal Government's Drug Policy.

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    What is a federal drug policy? Discuss the history behind policy. What issues caused the government to adopt the policy? What criminal group does it target? Does it effect foreign trade? If so, how? What issues are neglected when enforcing the policy? Who enforces the policy? What are the costs on society? I have to decide if it is a good policy and if it is effective?

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    The federal drug policy is a zero tolerance policy for all drugs that have no medicinal purposes. These drugs are classified ranging from Schedule 1 drugs, which is the most serious classification to less serious classifications. The history behind this policy began in the waning years of the 19th century with laws targeting the use of opium, but in reality they were anti-Chinese laws with the explicit attempt at limiting the immigration of Chinese migrants into California. Nevertheless these laws represented a watershed moment of governmental policy wherein federal laws were implemented targeting drugs that had not been in place prior to this legislation. The tenure of Harry Ansligner was the impetus for many of the failed drug policies that have bankrupted the moral ...

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    This article provides a brief summary of the federal drug policy in the United States.