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    The Federal Government and Crime Control

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    What do you think the role of the federal government should be concerning crime control within the United States? Do you feel that state governments should address crime control or should the federal government play more of an active role in policymaking in order to provide an overall crime control policy for each state?

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    The federal government already plays an integral part in the laws, regulations, and sentencing of criminal offenses in this country. The biggest and most egregious form of federal policy is the "war on drugs". Because over 70% of the people incarcerated in the United States are incarcerated for drug offenses this is the official crime control policy of the federal government. Over the last 40 years the federal government and the misguided war on drugs has been the catalyst for an increase of the prison population that is unprecedented in history. America and the official federal crime policy that has been cultivated and implemented to appease this war on drugs has the largest concentration of prisoners in Western society with this policy being the driving force behind this ...

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    The federal government and crime control is examined. Whether the state or federal government should address crime control is determined.