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    The Immigration Boom in Canada between 1900-1914

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    Please briefly discuss the following.
    The Canadian Immigration between 1900-1914 contains following points:

    1. Liberal immigration policies of Laurier government
    2. Favorable conditions for immigrants in Canada
    3. Successful efforts of Canadian government in attracting immigrants from Europe
    4. Fear of Canadians loosing their prospects in their home country
    5. Reasons for immigrants to opt Canada
    6. Contributions of Immigrants
    7. Discriminatory immigration policies of Canada
    8. Later opposition to immigration

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    The beginning of twentieth century was exciting for Canada. At midnight church bells began to ring and bonfires were lit. Canadians enthusiastically welcomed a New Year. The year 1901 was unique in the history of Canada. The world had experienced depression in 1890s. Canada had also experienced it, but now it is gone. The growing nation was flushed with prosperity. Since it was declared as a Confederation 33 years ago, it had grown far and wide. By 1900, Canada was extended from Nova Scotia in the East to British Columbia in the West and Arctic Ocean in the north. It was widely believed that Nineteenth century belonged to United States, while the twentieth century belongs to Canada.

    New Technologies were introduced during 1900s. During the period between 1901-1911, Canada had experienced an Immigration boom. Immigration is a movement of people from one land to another. There was an urgent need for settlers in the west. The liberal policies of Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier and Clifford Sifton paved the way for liberal immigration. Clifford Sifton, the Minister for interior had introduced an open door policy towards immigrants.

    It was the right time for immigration as the wheat price ...

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    During the period between 1901-1911, Canada had experienced an Immigration boom. The liberal policies the Laurier government helped immigrants from all over the world to reach prairies. The large scale immigration led to formation work force. It also led to economic and all round development of Canada. However, there was opposition against immigration. The restrictive policies against Asian immigrants even continued for another 60 years.