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The first Five Amendments to the Constitution

The impact of these amendments is evaluated:

Amendment I Freedom of speech implemented Dec 15, 1791
Amendment ll Right to bear arms
Amendment lll Protection from quartering troops
Amendment lV Protection of unreasonable search and seizure
Amendment V Right to due process

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First of all, as you assess the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, I offer my opinion and its implications. For example, I feel like it impacts American society in many ways. Since it implies our basic freedom of speech, it seems to grant us the freedom to express verbally, nonverbally, and in written or artistic forms, what we want to say in private or public forums.

As an artist, I see this impact as so vital personally. I maintain that it allows us to express ourselves and emotions through the arts such as dance, poetry, art, etc. What do you think? What examples do you have from your own life to include?

The debate about it in society is often very heated since society still has ethical concerns with this amazement; for example, debates such as profane music lyrics warrant some people to want a ban on language due to moral objections.

I think that this freedom does not mean that anyone should have a right to say anything at all just to get an emotional response or to be rebellious; however, I feel like we should still use a sense of a moral compass to guide what we say ethically and morally. What do you think?

As you debate the Second Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms, please note that it is highly debated in America currently and historically. Both sides argue strongly about its applicability in society.

While I personally come from a long line of family members who hunt as a traditional pastime and family tradition, they believe it is their American and individual right to own and bear arms. However, I feel like this right, while an individual one, is inadequate for protecting all citizens due to the improper uses and abuses of guns today.

Thus, I feel like when this amendment was established ...

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The first Five Amendments to the Constitution and their impacts are featured.