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British Acts Leading to Revolution

Summary of the major acts on the part of the British that led the colonists to revolt,include the political and economic impact of these acts on colonial America.

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Although this topic is vast, I include some basic ideas and research for you to infuse:

First of all, I think that The Sugar and Stamp Acts were pivotal steps to ignite the American Revolution. You might add that they occurred from 1763-1766 and hit a high point in 1764 when Britain also started to enforce the Navigation Act and Parliament passed the Sugar and Currency Acts (http://www.sparknotes.com/history/american/revolution/section2.rhtml).

Additionally, you might also look at the role of the Navigation Acts. They further angered the American colonists. These measures were designed to "prevent other European powers (especially the Dutch) from encroaching on British colonial territories; the act required colonists to export certain key goods, such as tobacco, only to Britain. In ...

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British acts and their effects upon the American Revolution are included briefly.